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    Chat monitoring is another offered feature, meaning that all messages sent and received via various chat programs are monitored and recorded. Screenshots are periodically taken and then stored in a compressed format to the log files. Compression is also available for microphone recording, as well as Webcam activity.


    In addition to all of this, Ardamax offers remote monitoring via email, meaning that recorded logs are periodically sent to the designated email address. It is compatible with all available versions of Windows, meaning that it is always up-to-date. Even its installation process is quite easy.

    It records everything typed in every single window, passwords included. Its keystroke features record text, passwords, and conversations. Extra security is provided through automatic log clean-ups. Actual Keylogger is one of the oldest keyloggers but still remains popular due to its good reputation that it has enjoyed over the years.

    8 Best Keylogger For Monitoring Your Children's Social Media Activities

    It shows which programs are run or closed, which websites have been visited, and also records all print, clipboard and screenshot activity. All log files can be password protected. The only downside is that its later versions are actually shareware with the program itself renamed to Actual Spy. However, the last freeware version 2. Apart from recording keystrokes, it records microphone usage as well as USB drives, files, and folders usage.

    It monitors every website visited and captures screenshots including Skype videos. Keywords can be set as an alert during capture. Log files are created and can be viewed either locally or from an online account. Spyrix allows the recording and monitoring of every single keystroke. Though there is a premium version available, the free version offers so many features that it has proven itself very useful. It is the only software on this list that includes full remote cloud monitoring for free. Besides recording every single keystroke, it captures screenshots of all active windows.

    This means that whenever you change a window, e.

    These screenshots can then be viewed on a secure web account that is part of the cloud monitoring. It can also make and send reports of programs that are running. These features make it clear that its recording capabilities are the best ones among free keylogging software. Spyrix offers password protection. In fact, it is so well hidden that it is undetectable to virus software. This makes it perfect for not only parental control but also employee monitoring.

    If you have never used a keylogger before, Spyrix is an excellent one to start out with, especially if you need simple parental monitoring or are just looking to try out such monitoring software. Software keyloggers key logger, keystroke logger, key stroke logger belong to the group of software products that control activities of the user of a personal computer. Originally software products of this type were intended solely for recording information about pressed keystrokes, including system keys, into a specialized log file, which was subsequently studied by the person who installed the program.

    Top 9 Best Free Windows Keylogger

    A log file could be sent via a network to a network drive, an FTP server located in the Internet, via e-mail, and so on. Now these software products that have kept their old name have many additional functions, e. Also, you are welcome to read our archive with the descriptions of monitoring software keyloggers promoted through our site. Some of these products with detailed reviews really deserve your attention though they have not been included into Top Keyloggers list.

    This group shows what features for monitoring of user's online activities are present in the monitoring software. This group shows what features for reports' creation and information filtering are present in the monitoring software. Hidden startup entry — keylogger hides itself from a list of startup programs. Pre-configured installation — keylogger can be pre-configured before the installation, so once it is installed on a monitored PC, it is already configured. Monitoring This group shows what monitoring features are present in monitoring software System logon password — keylogger can intercept the logon password Typerwriter keys pressed — keylogger can log the letter, numeric and character keys pressed by the user System keys pressed —keylogger can log system and other keys, except letters, pressed by the user Created files — keylogger can log the fact of files creation Deleted files — keylogger can log the fact of files deletion Copied files — keylogger can log the fact of files copying Renamed files — keylogger can log the fact of files renaming Opened files — keylogger can log the fact of files opening Clipboard — keylogger can intercept the content of clipboard Started applications — keylogger can log started applications System logon — keylogger can log the system logon time System logoff — keylogger can log the system logoff time Printer queue — keylogger can log the documents printed Mouse-clicks — keylogger can log mouse-clicks.

    Log file should contain name of the application or object the mouse was clicked in and the name of the button clicked Sounds — keylogger can record sounds System inactivity time — keylogger can log the period of time user was idle Screenshots — keylogger can make desktop screenshots Adjustable screenshot frequency — using keylogger one can adjust the frequency of screenshot-making Adjustable screenshot quality — using keylogger one can set the quality of the screenshots Desktop or window shot option — using keylogger one can choose either to make screenshots of the entire desktop or only active windows On-mouse-click screenshots — keylogger can be set to make screenshot each time the mouse button is clicked Microphone Audio Recording — the program records all sounds emitted near your computer, e.

    Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.

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