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  • Bluetooth hack could hit most devices, say researchers - CNET
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  • In a lot of cases, malware depends on people clicking on a link they shouldn't have, or downloading a virus in disguise. With BlueBorne, all hackers need to spread malware is for their victims' devices to have Bluetooth turned on, said Nadir Izrael, Armis' chief technology officer.

    And once one device has been infected, the malware can spread to other devices nearby with the Bluetooth turned on. By scattering over the airwaves, BlueBorne is "highly infectious," Armis Labs said. The attack echoes the way the WannaCry ransomware spread earlier this year. WannaCry allegedly used the NSA's EternalBlue vulnerability and infected computers on the same network, even though they never downloaded the virus. That ransomware infected hundreds of thousands of computers within several hours. Ben Seri, Armis Labs' head of research, fears that BlueBorne will lead to a similar massive outbreak.

    In several trials testing out BlueBorne, researchers were able to create botnets and install ransomware using Bluetooth, all under the radar of most protection.

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    BlueBorne is a collection of eight zero-day vulnerabilities that Armis Labs discovered. Zero-day vulnerabilities are security flaws that are found before developers have a chance to fix them. That kind of exploit lets hackers execute malware remotely, steal data and pretend to be a safe network as a "man in the middle" attack. It does this by taking advantage of how your Bluetooth uses tethering to share data, the company said. It's able to spread through "improper validation," Izrael said. The vulnerability affects devices on most operating systems, including those run by Google, Microsoft and Apple.

    The three companies have released patches for the vulnerability.

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    Apple confirmed that BlueBorne is not an issue for its mobile operating system, iOS 10, or later, but Armis noted that all iOS devices with 9. Microsoft released a patch for its computers in July, and anybody who updated would be protected automatically, a spokesman said. Google said Android partners received the patch in early August, but it's up to the carriers to release the updates.

    Pixel devices have already received the updates. Of the 2 billion devices using Android , about million are running on versions that will not be patched , according to Armis. The concern is the multitude of devices that will not be getting updates. There are even more advanced features and customization tools inside, many of which carry over from the Galaxy 7 and earlier. Don't show this again.

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    Bluetooth hack could hit most devices, say researchers - CNET

    Floating camera button The camera settings menu reveals a floating shutter button you can move anywhere on the screen. Zoom in, zoom out Slide the built-in, onscreen shutter button up or down to zoom in and out. Navigation buttons If you prefer the Back button on the right, and Recent apps on the left, you can swap the default order.

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    Skip the lock screen Dig into the navigation menu to skip the lock screen when you press the home button while the screen is off. Play music on two devices To play music or other audio on two Bluetooth devices -- like headphones or speakers -- find Bluetooth in the settings make sure Bluetooth is on , press the menu button and select "Dual audio. Custom color Pick your favorite color for a navigation bar that stands out. Home button sensitivity You can make the capacitive home button more or less sensitive to pressure. App shortcuts Long-press an app icon to launch various shortcuts yes, we know this is part of Android Nougat, and it also mimics Apple's 3D Touch.

    App shortcuts Significantly, Samsung has programmed shortcuts for its native apps too, like the camera. Online doctor appointments Samsung Health has a new tab called Experts. Online doctor appointments If you're signed up, you can tell the physician what's bothering you and get a consultation from the phone.

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    One-handed operation Samsung's had this for a long time, but it looks different now. One-handed operation You can either swipe diagonally or press the home button three times to shrink the screen. One-handed operation I can't get over the irony. Dash of color Look closely and you can see a thin blue line around the screen edge. App button 4U I love swiping up on the home screen to get to apps. Performance mode The previous model had a standalone gaming mode and battery optimizer, but this setting is new to the Galaxy S8. Facewidgets In theory, you can see even more on the Always-On display, but we haven't been able to make it work Reminders Samsung's Reminders app is also a good place to save links you come across while using Samsung's browser.

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