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  • SpyAgent invisibly logs everything users do.
  • It will record how you spend your days using your computer. It will show you how much time during the day you spend browsing social network websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , playing computer games, browsing the Internet, using your computer. It will also monitor how you spend your time during the week, and more.

    Computer Monitoring Software - best pc Spy Software

    This free computer monitoring software also offers lots of useful information on how to keep your days organized better way, how to maintain your health, how to feel better. Comprehensive reports will help you to see your progress in managing your time. WorkTime Cloud is a web-based employee monitoring service to monitor remote employees. WorkTime Professional is for self-employed professional to monitor their work on projects and to bill their clients.

    WorkTime Personal Free offers lots of information on how to properly organize your working place, how to exercise right on your working chair for better posture, better blood circulation, better productivity after all. You can have a glimpse at various techniques and recommendations on improving your inner condition, your physical health, and your social life. If you feel like suggesting more information for WorkTime Personal Free infobar, simply contact us. WorkTime Personal Free is very flexible and fully customizable.

    The main screen interface is a set of widgets, which can be arranged the way you need. There are a few types of widgets: You can set your own limits for Facebook use, Internet use, and computer use. Simply double-click the limiting widget, select the targeting widget to limit, and set your value. WorkTime Personal is absolutely free Internet monitoring software. It monitors how much time is being spend in the Internet during the day, during the week, hourly and daily. The software warns if the alowed Internet use limit is crossed. The software also offers free social network websites use monitoring Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

    What is SniperSpy remote monitoring software?

    Keystroke Spy will show you what users are doing on your computer. Our Spy Suite combines SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere - two award winning computer spy software tools - into one package to create a powerful remote spy and remote control solution.

    Spytech Spy Software - Computer Monitoring Software - Internet Recording Spy Software

    View all user activity logs remotely that SpyAgent creates, while being able to remotely control the monitored computer via your web-browser. The Spy Suite creates the ideal tool for remote and local computer monitoring, content filtering, and administration. From localized computer monitoring solutions with optional remote monitoring, to cloud-based 'spy from anywhere' solutions, Spytech has a solution for your monitoring needs. Spytech has earned hundreds of awards from software review and download websites.

    Spytech Software and Design, Inc. While competitors are scrambling to match our software, we have already been on the market for years - testing and further refining our software to ensure our customers always get the top-of-the-line product. Years of listening to customer feedback and refinement has made our software into world-class security solutions that parents, families, schools, institutions, and corporations benefit from. We listen to you!

    About WorkTime Personal Free

    Should you have any questions or troubles with our software, Spytech is here to help you. By now, you have probably read news articles about spyware and how its plaguing internet users. Many times spy software is confused with being the same thing as "spyware", which could not be farther from the truth. We would like to clear up this confusion between the two terms.

    SpyAgent invisibly logs everything users do.

    Monitor from Anywhere with Realtime-Spy. NetVizor monitors your entire network.

    Monitor Your Child's Devices

    Cloud-based computer monitoring and access control with SentryPC. SpyAgent Our 1 Computer Monitoring Spy Software SpyAgent sets the bar with its award-winning, computer monitoring that creates the ultimate all-in-one spy software. NetVizor Our Most Powerful Centralized Network and Employee Monitoring Solution NetVizor is the latest in centralized network and employee monitoring software that can invisibly monitor your entire network from one centralized location!

    Keystroke Spy Invisible Keystroke Logging and Screen Capturing Software Keystroke Spy is an efficient monitoring solution that allows you to easily, and efficiently log what your computer users are doing. Monitoring Solutions for Every Need From localized computer monitoring solutions with optional remote monitoring, to cloud-based 'spy from anywhere' solutions, Spytech has a solution for your monitoring needs.

    Localized Computer Monitoring Software Solutions "I need to access my monitored computer to view logs, and receive reports via email. Cloud-based Computer Monitoring Software Solutions "I need to monitor my computer from anywhere, at any time. Centralized Network Monitoring Software Solutions "I need a centralized on-premises or cloud-based solution to monitor my network computers. Spytech is a proven performer.

    SpyAgent invisibly logs everything users do.

    We will help you if you have any problems! Spy Software - what is the difference?

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    Click here to read about the differences between our Spy Software and "spyware".

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